Baby Boomers

I was born in 1964 which makes me a baby boomer. I got caught up in the tail end of it. The boom of babies born between the years of 1946-1964 are considered baby boomers, and I was shocked to find out I was among them. I always thought of baby boomers as people much older than myself. While the upper end of the spectrum witnessed and can recollect great moments in history, I was learning to walk and talk. 

I don’t remember Apollo landing on the moon, or the assignation of Martin Luther King, Jr. I can vaguely remember being bussed into a different school district, but I’m not even sure about that. I was in kindergarden at the time. 

I can tell you with certainty that I have personally witness the advances in technology during the span of my life time. I never took typing class because I never thought I’d need the class. How was I to know they would come out with something called the personal computer. I graduated in 1983 and computers hadn’t made a splash quite yet, and even when they did, it took far longer for them to become a household name.

My first stereo was a radio/turntable, 8-track. I loved that stereo and music became my escape. I scratched most of my records, but it was kinda cool to pick the arm up and put the needle down to start a song I liked. 8-tracks were okay, but you had to hit the fast forward button to find a song you liked, which I did often. At the time, I was in a Rod Stewart phase. Strange thing was I always liked the 60s Rod Stewart songs. 

I included a picture that looks similar to the stereo we had in the living room. It had a turntable and radio, and believe it or not they use to have good AM stations back in the day. If you asked me back then, I would have told you, I wanted to be a dancer, laughs. (All behind close doors). 

Late seventies my brother got a cassette player. While I was still listening to Rod Stewart, my brother was listening to Bob Seger (he’s from Michigan don’t ya know). He also liked Queen, Stixx, Cheap Trick, and The Police. I had this big thing about KC and the Sunshine band, laughs. Really, I joined their fan club and everything. 

During the 80s music kept evolving and we listened to a variety of music that kept getting harder and harder, but my parents didn’t seem to mind. I had headphones in my bedroom. I’d say music had a huge impact on me even today. 

Technology didn’t stop it kept going, soon CDs took over the market. Gadgets kept being developed, although most of us didn’t have a clue how to operated them. MP3s, IPods, Ipads, Kindles, Nooks and beyond. Today you’d be hard pressed to find a household without a PC or Mac. Apple made quite a comeback didn’t it? 

I’m excited to find out what they are going to come up with next, and I’m so looking forward to Amazon’s addition to technology the Kindle Fire. 

It’s an exciting time, and it’s great that I was able to witness it all as it happened.


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