There are people you connect with and people you don’t. I often wonder why. I personally connect with others, but sometimes I find that hard to do. Generally, I like almost everyone, but even I have limitations. For instance, I have a horrible memory at times, and have trouble remembering names. I try using name association and try and think about someone that may have a similar name that I know. But there are names that just click, (it must be the writer in me). I think “wow that name just sings.” I’ll probably be jotting down that name in a notebook for future reference.

I have a hyper active personality, and that doesn’t mesh well with everyone. I don’t think we are meant to get along with everyone we meet or come into contact with, god help you if they happen to be a coworker. I have so been there. I’m a pretty positive person and don’t like to be around downers. If you  ever met a downer, you know what I’m talking about.

Recently I took another job at the hospital; more of a transfer (I worked in rehab before). Let me just say this, these people are really sick. Who knew? Me being the kind of person that is always up for a challenge refuse to let this beat me. I’m stronger than that; I hope. It’s challenging, and now I’m in a situation that I don’t know anyone or what I’m doing, lol. I have so many more demands than I ever had. There is so much to learn, and I hope they will see in time the type of aide I am. If only I can shut off the constant IVs beeping from my memory banks.


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