False teeth

How many teeth are too many and how many can you do without? I have made agonizing decisions and believe me; they are not easy to make. Unless you have some killer dental insurance, the only choice you can make is to have bad teeth pulled. Most only pay up to a $1,000 a year for dental work, which isn’t enough to do much of anything. Bad teeth can affect more than how you feel about yourself. It’s now known that bad teeth are directly related to health problems. If you have been sick for some time, it might be something to check out.

Losing a few teeth is nothing to cry about, and in facts, it’s amazing how we learn to adapt. You learn to chew on one side of your mouth. This may result in you biting your lip or not chewing properly enough to swallow, which can cause you to choke. I know because I do this all the time, and have to be extra careful.

Okay so say you have two teeth. We all know someone like that, right? It amazes me how they are able to chew anything at all. I guess you can get mighty use to gumming your food if you have to, but I bet you won’t be eating steak.

At the moment, I don’t have any dentures, but as pictured above it would be mighty interesting to lose you dentures when biting into something. It would be darned entertaining too.


3 thoughts on “False teeth

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