The hips stop here

As we age, our bodies don’t always hold up the way we wish. If you ask any senior how they feel, you’ll get an answer. You won’t really have to ask because they will tell you without being asked. Don’t think you’ll be walking away in a few minutes either because they will keep talking until you outright walk away from them or they are called in for an appointment.

Has anyone ever told you that they can tell it’s going to rain because of how they feel. I’m not sure how exact a science that is, but I know it’s true. People with arthritis in particular seem to have this special talent. How many of you actually think you have to be old to get arthritis? I think that is the misconception among most people. That or this won’t happen to me because I’m active. I bet the hospitals are full of active people that were injured in one way or the other and now are laying in the hospital possibly next to a senior with similar problems.

Orthopedic surgeries are soaring these days. They are even doing double knee surgeries, can you imagine that? I can’t. It’s bad enough that most of these people can barely walk. Having to deal with two sore knees at the same time would be horrible. Twice the pain and twice the pain pills, physical therapy, and whining. If you have surgery of any type, you have the right to do some whining. Okay so some people whine more than others just like some people will deny they need a pain pill even though their face is contorted into a some kind of Freddy Krueger facial expression. It’s not a contest on how long you can deny your pain. In truth, it takes twice as long to relieve the pain than it will if taking the pain pills on schedule. You can’t precipitate in physical therapy if you stayed awake all night in agonizing pain that could be relieved if you only took a pain pill. In no way am I condoning abuse of prescription drugs. Pain is real and who are you to judge is someone is truly in pain. You can’t because it isn’t happening to you.

I’m 47, and I will be the first to tell you that the hips stop here. Either one or both of my hips hurt on any given day. Today my left hip hurts. I try not to cross my legs because somehow that makes it hurt worse. I’m blaming my dad for making me cross my legs when I was younger or was that close your legs. I’m so not meaning it like it sounds, lol. Okay keep my legs together, no, that sounds dirty too. Why does everything I say or type sound so dirty?? For the record, I was a good girl!

In my book “Armed and Outrageous,” that is currently being queried to agents, my main character has a major flaw. Who knew, it’s her hip too. If you write about seniors, you need to keep it real. Having a bad hip is nothing to cry about, unless it happens to you. Who knows, maybe in the next book she’ll have surgery by her nice, and totally gay doctor.


16 thoughts on “The hips stop here

  1. Bones hurt. Joints hurt. It’s the law. It’s required as initiation rite to maturity. Try to think about it like what’s his name, the French philosopher: My bones hurt, therefore I am.

  2. Of course, if I had my way, there would be a store called Bodies ‘R’ Us, where you could purchase a glorious 19 years old body every ten years or so, and transfer your intelligent and mature mind into it. You can request it to look like the 19 years old you, or you can customise it. Up to you.

  3. hi to all madisonjohns11.wordpress.comers this is my first post and thought i would say hello to you all –
    thanks speak soon
    g moore

  4. Madison — the weather we are having in New York right now — warm rain — would make anyone’s hips hurt. Badly. And it’s so dark so early. If I were given the chance to redesign the universe, the sun will NOT go down until about ten o’clock at night, in the winter, and sunrise will be at three in the morning. Don’t even think of starting to explain the science of weather. Remember, I am redesigning the universe.

  5. Yup, the weather gets like that here too, and I feel the same way when it rains. If you need any help redesigning the universe just ask. Personally I think a full moon should be banned so I don’t have to put up with everyone going psycho on me whenever the moon is full, lol.

  6. I think we need some definitions if we are to research the redesign of the universe. What sort of crazy behavior happens because of the full moon (other than howling, which is encouraged)?

  7. Patients at the hospital act a little crazy, I mean more than usual, lol. Murders have been know to increase the nights of full moons. Maybe getting rid of the moon isn’t that great of an idea because what are we gonna blame it on then??

  8. We must keep the moon, then, since we must have someone to blame. But there are so many other things we could redesign. Since you have an issue with hips, and I have shoulders that never stop hurting, I suggest we create a new store, called “Bodies ‘R’ Us” where we can purchase new bodies. It can be a copy of your original body, but young and healthy, or if you prefer, you can look like a movie star, it’s really just an issue of customizing. The customer service people simply pour your mind into the new body, and you go out of the store prancing and cavorting in total health and glowing youth.

  9. That would be fun to keep swapping bodies that way nobody would know who you really are. Think about all the fun you could have then.

  10. Wonderful thought. In my first new body, I want to look like Rita Hayworth, the way she was in Gilda; it just does not get any better than that, I think. In the meantime, I hope you have a wonderful holiday season whatever you celebrate, and the absolute best 2012, with a new best seller on top of all other blessings! Cheers!

  11. I don’t have an ideal body style in mind. I would settle for a pre C-section one though. I don’t look all that bad considering I’m 47.

    Thank you, and have yourself a merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    I so appreciate you stopping by.

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