When I first started this blog, I had intended to use it as another writer’s blog, which it is to a point. I have written a book about senior citizens as you have never seen them before, and “Armed And Outrageous” is the book.

If you have read any of my earlier blogs, you can see it has a certain aging theme to it. I have and will dedicate this blog to people “of a certain age.” Keep in mind, we are all aging and many things featured are very important to all of us. 

I would be remiss if I did not share a bit of information with you. I have been asked to do a podcast at Wise Bear Books on December 11, 2011, at 10 a.m. Pacific time. If you can’t tune at that time, I’ll be posting a link to check it out at your convenience. 

I will be promoting my book, which will be published in a few months. What should you expect from a podcast featuring me? Who knows? But get ready for full on Madison Johns. I’m just as crazy and zany as any character I could ever come up with in my books.

Let me give you some background information about myself. I have taken care of seniors for four years and continue to do so, (I hate the word elderly). I love doing what I do. It warms my heart when one of them tries to kick me, laughs. I have had the pleasure of caring for some of the most lovable seniors. I have listened to their stories and have enjoyed ever moment of it. 

Here is the link for my podcast 🙂  yes, that’s right just click on the smiley face, smiles.


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