Mojo Madison Style

I did a podcast at Wise Bear Books and had a unique experience. I was cut off somehow. Okay this is live don’t ya know. I heard all the dead air and was thinking, “did I really get disconnected?” I don’t remember the host, Quinn Barrett telling me what to do if “that happened.” I did call back of course, but I left the host holding the bag trying to come up with something to talk about until I called back. It was edited out of the final YouTube video; it was referenced a little in the end of the podcast, but no harm was done. It will make a great blooper episode, lol. The YouTube link is here.

Thinking about the types of things that happen “to me” it shouldn’t surprise me that things of this nature would happen. I’m pretty much a walking and talking comedy act.

When Quinn and I spoke on the phone a few weeks earlier about the podcast, her phone kept cutting me off … like 10 or 12 times. She said that when it rains in Los Angeles, they always have problems with the phone lines. I heard later that her phone died the same day. She even had to have someone come out and fix it. Even her cell phone kept cutting me off. I’m not really sure how something like that happens, but it could only happen to me. I must have some real screwed up kind of mojo going on, as if some unseen force wants to silence me. Good luck with that one, nobody has yet figured out to do that, lol.



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