You got to be shitzing me

I can’t talk enough about the importance of eating fiber, regularity is important.

I can’t believe she’s “going there,” but yes I am.

Did you know that you can actually die from an impaction? Not just the elderly, but anyone. If you’re not healthy enough for an operation especially. Yes, you can be full of shit for real, and yes, they can cut you open to remove it. Imagine not being able to eat or drink until the situation gets “Rectified.”

There are things that help delay the elimination system such as painkillers. In a hospital or nursing home, you get put into rotation if you go more than three days without a BM, or don’t go. It’s unbelievable how many people have gone weeks sometimes – even when given everything under the sun.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be there for the explosion. 

The most common way a nursing home gets the ball rolling is:

Step 1. Milk of Magnesia (usually in the morning).

Step 2. Suppository (at bedtime).

Step 3. Enema (nightshift delivers this one).

I find this process too fast paced for me. It’s bad enough having a slow-moving system, but not giving the first step ample time to work isn’t good either. I have done all three steps before, and I found the suppository to be the worse. I now know why most residents or patients are dead set against it. Although, it’s important to get things moving.

I think doctors need to start softeners much sooner during a patient’s care to eliminate taking these drastic steps.

While there are other more natural methods, like prune juice. They also use a combination of prune juice and milk of magnesia, heated, sometime referred to as the brown cow.

Note: not everyone can take milk of magnesia depending on their medication. 

While you may find this post to be offensive, I feel the need to post age-related information that is beneficial to everyone.

In my book Armed and Outrageous, I have a “bathroom scene.” I don’t know of anyone that is “of a certain age” that hasn’t had one at one time or the other. It’s embarrassing, but bathroom humor has been around for a long time and it isn’t stopping any time soon. 



2 thoughts on “You got to be shitzing me

  1. Actually I find it cool that you mentioned it. My partner was in the hospital for diverticulitis for a week and the stress fiber, fiber, and more fiber. And as we hit our 50s, it is important to pay attention to the small stuff.

  2. Thanks, It was so hard to write this blog. I thought this is something nobody wants to talk about, but needs to. It’s hop topic for senior citizens where I know meds can cause problems. Activity is also a major factor. I have alway have a slow moving system, but I know when it’s time to get it moving. 🙂

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