I promised to write blogs about longevity, and I have cooked up an idea. I have an author interested in doing an interview about climbing Kilimanjaro at age sixty. I think this is interesting and hope you’ll think so too. I’m dreaming up some creative questions. You know like most interviews ask the same questions all the time.

Now for my humor.

If being healthy is so great how come they keep making things like cookies? My daughter used to watch Rugrats when she was three, and there was this episode about Angelica remembering the first time she ate a cookie. Now I can’t remember anything that precise, but I do remember when my mom made chocolate chip cookies. She always made a double batch that used like four cups of flour. (I always ate cookie dough). Nothing like fresh cookies hot out of the oven. She also made peanut butter cookies and something called snickerdoodle cookies. I keep getting people asking me what those are, and all I can remember is that they have cinnamon or sugar on them. I had to look up a recipe just now to see if I had the ingredients right, laughs.

I’m sure eating or making cookies isn’t going to make you live longer, but it sure will make you happier.

In my upcoming book Armed and Outrageous, they didn’t eat or make cookies, but they made a version of brownies that shouldn’t be really recommended.  

Until next time.

Smiles   🙂


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