Cake of Burning Love

 It’s that time yet again. Today January 17th, is my birthday. It’s also Betty White’s birthday. How cool is that?

I‘m now 48, and I made my trek to renew my license and registration. In Michigan, it’s called the Secretary of the State or many people call it the DMV. They are god these people. If you have ever been to the DMV, you know what I’m talking about. 

It’s past crowded, and I don’t have anybody to blame but myself. You can renew by mail, but for some dang “Madison” reason, I don’t realize it until the night before. It’s too late to go online and do it now. Plus, I had to renew my drivers license. In Michigan if you don’t renew by your birthday you pay ten bucks extra per license.

I know it’s going to be crowded. So I’m there before they open and stand in line for fourteen minutes in the freezing rain. I left my comfy sweater at home, go figure. It’s worth it though, because I’m third in line and I get waited on by a handsome young man. Way beforehand I’m totally worried I’d fail the eye test. So I’m being cute and talking nonstop. I guess I was happy because it’s my birthday. He told me to try the eye test without my glasses and after one look, I told him that isn’t happening (yes, I’m the only person I know that can’t see when I’m wearing my glasses). I pass the eye test without a problem. Okay, maybe I had to strain my eyes a little or a lot. He took my picture, and I was out the door. Oh my, did he just kinda wink at me, giggles. 

The people at the DMV usually are rude and obviously don’t get paid to be friendly. My dad lost his license because he failed the eye test, but it was the doctors fault. The doctor told my dad that he has cataracts, but he didn’t recommend
 surgery. He then gets the surgery and fails the written test. My dad has nerve problems and only has a tenth grade education. Back in the day, it was easier to get a job without a high school diploma than it is today.

I work at a hospital, and I had this patient that told me this story about how the DMV “Nazi” didn’t th
ink she was qualified to have a license because of her perception of the woman’s medical condition. Like who does she think she is?? This woman passed the eye test, but hunches over a bit because of all the back surgeries she had. So this counter worker tells her she’s not a safe driver and refuses to allow her to renew her license. What?? Okay, now that is like a cashier that sells beer telling their customers, “oh no, sir, we can’t sell you alcohol because we know you’ll do something stupid later.” Point is: you can’t judge someone just because you perceive them to be unsafe. This woman had a perfect driving record and did nothing wrong. It sounds kinda like discrimination. By the way, she had to jump through a whole bunch of hoops but got her license back.

Being older or handicapped doesn’t impair you as a driver or from anything else you want to do, not while you live independently. That’s why I think senior citizens are so dang cranky. They are tired of being told what to do, and they have had enough. So next time you see an old man kicking a bagger at the grocery store – you’ll know why.



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