Armed and Outrageous Rising

I waited a year for this moment to happen. I hired an editor, and Armed and Outrageous has entered the editing phase. Now after having to set it aside for six months, it’s living up to it’s potential. I have made errors for sure, but I knew when I wrote this book it was unique. Maybe a book the world isn’t ready for, but I think it’s long overdue. The baby boomers should be sick of all the younger characters having all the fun.

I hate that I can’t divulge more at the moment, but who knows what will remain and what will be gone forever. Senior citizens are my favorite age bracket. I’m not much behind them – I’m a baby boomer too. For one thing, they have snoopy mastered to an art form. Nobody gives ’em flack for it either. “You know how mom can be,” is a normal topic of conversation. Excuses I tell you. Seriously? They don’t talk behind your back either; they talk straight to your face.

I remember a story about an aide at the hospital that went into a room, to clean up a woman (after she passed away). He noticed she was breathing and freaked out and told the nurse, “I told you, she was too mean to die.” As and aide myself that gives me the willies. Yes, sometimes a senior may get ornery at times. How would you like if you were told that you are confused all the time? Ass kicking words is all I’m saying.


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