Guest blogs

I have asked some very capable senior citizens to guest blog here. That’s what it’s all about. Persons of a certain age not giving up and living their lives in a unconventional manner. Not all seniors live in nursing homes, knit, or bake all day. They were not put on this earth, to babysit their grandchildren, although, they may enjoy doing so on occasion. They have goals of their own and want to enjoy their “golden years.”

I found a group on Facebook entitled, Spunky Seniors, and I knew immediately I wanted to be in that group. I’m kinda spunky myself, and I’m attracted toward like minded individuals. Many of them are writers and the like. I kinda threw it out there that I’d love to have them guest post here. To date, I have three that offered to guest post.

I hired an editor and will be going through Armed and Outrageous and getting it up to par. I’m hopeful to have this accomplished by this summer if I’m lucky.

I hope you will welcome all of the guest bloggers with enthusiasm. I’m interested to find out what they come up with to blog about and I hope you’ll stay tuned.


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