I’m old not dead


I went last week to see the Avengers, great flick by the way. Of course major reason I loved the movie was because it had super hot men in it. Thor is by far my favorite. There is no mountain high enough I wouldn’t climb for him. What? I’m old not dead. Women, we need our fantasies, some just are bigger than others.

Memory issues have come to my mind of late. I had a scary experience when my dad turned up missing today. I needed to borrow my parents car because my car needs to be fixed. Okay, not sure why my mom even let my dad drive to begin with as he doesn’t even have a license, but okay. She shows up and he’s nowhere to be seen. She leaves to find him, and after awhile, he shows up. More time went by and finally she showed back up.

 Scary, okay mind you my dad was just in the hospital, and of course, they never even called and told me. I won’t go back into that argument again. It’s a losing battle. It’s scary to see your parents that frail.

Long story short, ah, yeah, Thor … 







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