Don’t call me Hon

I’m not sure if I’m really getting old or what, not that 48 is old mind you. I have noticed a trend of late, but maybe it has been around for much longer. I might not have noticed until that is, it happened to me. Like all things in life.

Let me first start off by saying that I hate been called hon by anybody. In particular the younger population. I know you might find this a bit odd, but nobody younger than me should refer to me as hon. Sorry but that’s just the way it is. 

Nick and I went out to dinner and this waitress was sucking up to him because; of course. he’s a man and he’s paying, right? Wrong. I always pay. I told Nick half laughing and half not, “She has no idea what biscuit she is trying to butter up.” She insisted in calling  me hon every time she came to our table, and I resisted the urge to rip her limb from limb. I must confess it was almost a losing battle. Nick had to listen to me vent about the whole “hon’ thing the entire meal. 

I went shopping at a store in the mall that caters to younger people just the other day, to buy book slag. Again this barely aged girl called me hon repeatedly. Do they teach stupid these days? I would have just left right then had I not wanted something they had for sale. It should be noted that I didn’t say anything in that store. 

Never for any reason call anyone hon, it’s even more disrespectful coming from a younger person to an older one. I’m not a ninety-year old granny, and even if I was, the only people that would be allowed to call me hon is, nobody. 

Please drop a comment by because I just would like to know if I’m the only person on the planet that feels this way.



3 thoughts on “Don’t call me Hon

  1. Well, I hear ‘dear’ a lot from nurses. I hear Mrs. or even Ms. from people younger than I. Sometimes it’s Miss Terry from someone who only knows me online… But I think most often it is no name at all, which is kind of sad, because a person’s name is special and unique. Of course, a waitress won’t know your name unless you introduce yourself, which I sometimes do when someone says “Hi, I’m Bill and I’m going to be your server today,” I like to answer with “Hi, I’m Terry.” So few people do that, and I can truthfully say that Bill (or Mary or Joe or Sally) will most often come back with “Hi Terry,” Try it next time.

    And, when I taught second grade one year that a lot was going on with my parents, I had trouble remembering kids’ nick names, and so I called them each ‘dear’ as my father did his six daughters. It worked for most of them … one little guy came up to me after Christmas vacation and asked “Could you please not call me dear anymore? I’m Frankie.” And I know I will never forget Frankie’s name, even though he was in my classroom thirty years ago…

  2. When I entered the healthcare field the #1 thing they tell you is to not ever call anyone hon or anything besides Mr. Wilson or whatever their last name is, unless given permission to address them by their first name. It has slacked off some and the hospital has a board in the room with the patient’s first name. I love that because I often don’t have the patient’s names even written down, and lord knows I don’t remember names. I don’t know why a waitress needs to say anything to you except is everything all right or would you like another soda. Good point about giving you them your name Terry. I noticed that Taco Bell says through the speaker in drive thru, how is you day to which I respond, “How is your day?” If a store clerks says have a great day I say “I hope you have a great day too!”

  3. Nothing is MORE irritating than being called “hon” — and I have realized that the only people who call you “hon”, are — of less education and lower income. Any individual who has a modicum of intelligence DOES NOT use that terminology. They would never communicate that way, because it definitely shows a lack of intelligence.

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