Senior Moments

What would life be without senior moments? What would we blame on our irrational decisions on then?  You don’t really have to be a senior to claim you have them, not if you’re over the age of forty that is.

My reaction times are much slower than the used to be and I won’t go into my hearing. Anyone going though there teen year in the eighties don’t need to question how that happened. I had listened to way too much music at way to high of a decibel. While I talk loud, I can’t hear a thing low volume talkers say. I ask a total of three times what they said and then say okay, even if I couldn’t understand a word they said. 

Thereabouts the age of forty, I needed my first pair of glasses, bifocals. If you don’t have them thank the good Lord. The first pair I had was an eye opening experience. On the plus side I could read a newspaper without having to hold it arm length away to try and read it. On the down side, getting used to bifocals is kinda like being on a roller coaster. You bend over and everything goes to spinning. It was a slow adjustment, and I kept them in my glass case more than on my face, unless I had to read that is. My second pair of glasses was worse as I had to wear them all the time, although I swear the eye doctor had gave me the wrong prescription. I had somehow went from just needed them for reading to needed them for everyday wear.

Getting back to senior moments, I must say that my memory isn’t the best and the dumbest words tumble out of my mouth. Occasionally I have dementia patients and pray to the good Lord I won’t be one someday. I forget things in a random pattern that I can only blame on a senior moment, as I have no other excuse that comes close. 

It’s a sign of the times, if you say something dumb — it’s labeled a senior moment. Being that I have spent so much time with senior citizens, and now writing about them, everything I say comes across as a senior moment which is just fine with me.

Thanks for stopping by — Madison Johns — author of Armed and Outrageous.



2 thoughts on “Senior Moments

  1. That’s the only way I will ever portray them. I have know quite a few that are spunky as all get out. Life does not end at fifty, it has just begun.

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