Too much fun for one

I have enjoyed the ride, but it’s quite clear that it’s time to write the Armed sequel that will remain unnamed at this time. I know Agnes and Eleanor have accumulated their fair share of fans, and Lord knows the girls have been itching to get back at it. 

The sequel takes off where the last one left, which you’ll know if you read the book, if not, why not get you copy of Armed and Outrageous from Amazon today. One of the girls have a new address and things have changed, Lord know if it’s for the better. Two questions I left open from the last installment will be answered.

It’s challenging to write a sequel, can I strike gold twice? Not that I made any gold from it, lol. It’s a very hard to bring your characters back and get back into their heads. Agnes and Eleanor have fussed something fierce, but when I told them I’d take them shopping at Victoria Secret’s they were game. 

I’m now at 27,544 words which means I have plenty of work ahead of me so I won’t bore you with more at this time. Just know that the girls are here for the long haul. 

Have a great week all!





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