Agnes and Eleanor sound off!

Dorothy Alton listened intently to Eleanor and I as we were exercising at the County Medical Center in Tawas, MI. Sure we could always go to the YMCA, but as luck would have it, not a one near Tawas. 

I knew a busy body when I saw one and knew Dorothy had best mind her p’s and Q’s is she didn’t want to tangle with Eleanor today. It’s bad enough the pair could barely stay in a room together without fighting. I just hoped to be spared the hassle of explaining to Sheriff Peterson what happened and why. If he had his way he’d lock El and I in a jail cell permanently. It’s not my fault I happen to be a great at sleuthing. Then there was Miss Fancy Dancy Administrator to deal with. She had it in for El and I ever since the last bake sale. Again, totally not our fault. How was I to know what were in the brownies or what uproar it would all turn out to be.

Eleanor picked up the weights, nearly bending to the ground and gave me more of a view of her backside than I had wanted. That’s just Eleanor. I think she does it on purpose.

I cleared my throat, I hated that I was the one that had to share the news with her. “Did you hear what Madison Johns is doing now?”

“Agnes Barton, why on earth are you picking on poor Madison like all the times. She gave birth to us or did you forget?”

“Of course not! It’s just that,” looking around to make sure nobody was within earshot. “She’s telling everyone that we’re giving it away for free.”

“Well we do that already.”

“You might, but I certainly don’t.” I straightened my back which caused a stitch in my side. 

“Why do you try and act all dignified, you know you ain’t, right? I mean, what kind of woman your age drives around in a red hot Mustang?”

“Why do you always harp on me about my car?” I pushed a loose strand of hair from my eyes, changing the subject. “She’s giving the whole damn book away!”

“Why is that a bad thing? Just think about how many more people that will be able to read about our escapades.”

“Maybe she should just write the sequel already.”

“Oh Aggie, just calm down.”

“I can’t. People will start to talk.” 

“Again, they already do that. We live in a small town and that’s what folks do for entertainment.”

“They will spread rumors I tell you!”

“Will you two just exercise,” Madison said. “You’re gonna need all you energy for the sequel.”

“Oh God, I don’t like the sounds of that,” Aggie said.

Madison smiles. “Don’t worry, I promise that the two of you will have many adventures to come, okay?” She coughs. “I’m doing a free run on Amazon of Armed and Outrageous Sept 5th – 9th.”

“I guess, it’s not like I have a choice is it?”

“No Agnes, unless you want to be written out of the sequel. I could alway let Eleanor run the show for awhile.”

Eleanor rubbed her hands together. “I’m loving the sounds of that.”

“Please don’t encourage her!”

Madison walks away shaking her head. “Don’t forget to snap up your free copy of Armed and Outrageous on Sept 5th – 9th!


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