I support senior sex


I’m an advocate of everything senior citizen related including romance and yes, well, sex. Today is not just the day for the young, and lord knows, most of us would never readily admit we are old or getting old, but the truth is we are and why do we have to give up romance? Or yes sex. 

I have been taking plenty of flack for portraying my senior aged characters like you would characters that are younger. Why can’t a woman over sixty get all hot and bothered over a  man she never had a chance with in the past? Marriages come and go and deaths of spouses do happen. So when it does happen children are often the ones unable to cope with the situation. Why should your mom or dad be forced to remain solo the remainder of their lives just because it makes you feel uncomfortable? Truth be known you parents don’t owe you anything. 

I have known of one such couple that were high school sweethearts, but they parted ways, he moved to California, married and divorced. She on the other  hand never married. They reconnected on a visit to Michigan and the romance was rekindled. She left with him shortly thereafter and they have been happy ever since.

Of course, seniors shouldn’t overlook the fact that they need to be cautious with whom they decide to become involved with, but companionship is a vital component of longevity.  Children do and will grown up and have families of their own, move away, be busy with their jobs. Seniors can’t count on the fact their children will always be able to make time for them. 

Your parents deserve to find their own happiness.

Marriages often don’t happen among seniors because sometimes it financially complicates  matters. Other times they just don’t want to, they want to keep their own homes and some form of independence. 

While still able there is no reason not to still enjoy being intimate with another human being. It’s natural to want to feel that closeness with someone and while most people think it’s TTMI, I shall continue to portray my over sixty characters as sexual beings. It won’t be erotica, but it will be funny and entertaining. 



2 thoughts on “I support senior sex

  1. As one who is married to a man who is 60 this year and I am no longer a spring chicken, I hope that we too will continue to be close romantically. We make consessions and find some moments very funny! laughter is a great medicine and does bring you closer together! Good for you Madison to let others know that even elderly are still young at heart and can and do find men/women attractive!

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