Outrageous is Right

I had a dream and I lived the dream.

I knew from the beginning what I was about to write wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but I wrote it anyway. I wanted to break senior citizens free from their stereotypes and I accomplished it. Armed and Outrageous was rejected and I knew it would be, because it’s different and fresh, although not all will agree. In other words it’s before its time.

When I wrote A&O, I knew it was over the top and that’s exactly what I wanted. I accomplished what I set out to do, inspire others to embrace growing older. I get tons of comments from readers saying they want to be just like Agnes Barton when they are her age. Of course; there are naysayers that don’t act like Agnes and Eleanor or know anyone like her, blah, blah, blah. NO offense meant but, really? This is a book that was written to entertain readers with as much humor as I could pack into it. Another comment said I went too far to make my characters unique. Did I? I don’t believe that I did that at all. I believe I wrote something that will change how you will view senior citizens… forever!

Moving forward I have a sequel to publish, which is tentatively set for February 2013. With the help of my editor Grannies, Guns and Ghosts is a move in the right direction. It has experienced its growing pains and has matured or should I say the characters are more developed. I spun a good plot for this one taking on the paranormal crime theme. The ghost ship, Erie Board of Trades, is based on a real ghost ship with the same name. It’s been reported to have been seen in Lake Huron. Other than the ghosty theme, it’s much more believable.

Thanks for making the last year of my life amazing and for your continuing support. Readers are amazing!


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