Oh What a Beach ~ Review of Trouble with Beaches

Trouble with Beaches











Anne is starting her own tour business and she is joined by Gunther at the helm, a flamboyantly dressed driver who is stuck in the sixties. Arriving at Marsden’s Bed and Breakfast, Anne finds that her most recent clients are a group of vivacious senior citizens and that’s not all. Also along for the tour with his grandmother is Dean Bryant, a handsome yet arrogant architect. From the first handshake, Anne was tingly from head to toe, but Dean’s arrogance fuels Anne’s lighthearted banter, not giving in to his arrogant suggestions. That is until he kisses her.

This is a lighthearted novelette that will whet your romance appetite. Erotica alert.

My first impression… I wanted to rip Dean out of this book! He came off as too arrogant, but after reading further, Anne certainly had him changing his tune.

The interactions with the senior aged l ladies had me laughing out loud! They certainly made the story all the more enjoyable as did Gunther who suggested some out of the way areas of San Francisco including a to die for beach! No spoilers here! The romance played itself out nicely and I would recommend this novelette to anyone who loves romance and doesn’t mind to read erotica with a happy ending.

Great job Kristi Ahlers! This is the second novelette of the trouble series I have read and enjoyed, Trouble with Cupcakes being the other.


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