Senior Snoops Book Three

I’m happy to report that I’m awaiting the final edits for my upcoming book Senior Snoops. I’m also waiting for the cover to be done. I going with Paul Beeley from Create Imaginations again. He does top notch covers with for a great price.

As senior snoops begins, Agnes Barton and Eleanor Mason head to Florida for the winter, a trip Sheriff Peterson promised them. You’ll find some interesting characters along for the ride including Eleanor’s nemesis, Dorothy Alton, but things are not what they seem. Not only have they arrived in a shaky fashion, they soon discover the case of the missing maids and that’s not all. There is also a jewelry thief on the prowl. Are these cases connected?

I think fans of Agnes Barton will enjoy this upcoming book in the series. It certainly has all the charms and laughs to keep you reading.

Senior Snoops is slated for a June release.


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