Charles Kalkman I shall celebrate your life


For those of you that are not aware. I lost the love of my life on September 7,2013. Together we created two children, Andrea and Luke and have been together on and off for eighteen years. What I have experienced since he died I would not wish on my worse enemy if I had any. I’m heartbroken and lost now, but I know I’ll go on because I have to. I have two children counting on me. I appreciate everyone who has expressed their sympathy to me and the children. Please know that this means so much to me.

Charles Kalkman was the most amazing man that I have ever known. His generosity for others way surpasses anyone I have ever met. He helped me learn to live and to love, giving me two beautiful children who I adore, but for him life was hard, but I won’t focus on that I can’t. What I choose to do is memorize his life in a positive way. He has given me more than anyone ever has. He gave me a second chance to love him once more, something most men wouldn’t have, and I will be eternally grateful for that. That being said, I believe that I was brought back for a higher purpose. Perhaps I was meant to be here now. I’ll never know, but there was a higher power directing me to allow for it to happen.

I remember Chuck mostly for his kind heart. He helped our neighbor, Carolyn Farrand when she needed help caring for her husband who suffered from Parkinson Disease. At the time he didn’t know Carolyn personally, but they formed a bond over time, even as her husband passed away. They became close friends and he visited her daily.

I have never stopped loving that man since the first day we met. Even after a six year break up, but how do you not love the father of your children? You don’t, or at least I couldn’t. He was a great father who cared for his children since infancy. No job was too dirty, and I must admit that he had way more patience than me.

I remember when Andrea was two and Chuck would take her on the lawn tractor when he cut grass. He had a fondness for motorcycles and I had to chase my son Luke down the road when he tried to follow his dad on his Harley Davidson tricycle once. He often gave the children rides on his motorcycle when they were much older, something Andrea loved.

When Chuck bought the children Christmas gifts they were bebe guns, go carts, and four wheelers. Many times he went for rides in the woods near our house with the kids. He loved the woods and loved to chase down deer if found them in his path. He loved to watch movies, fish, and spent time with his friends Mark and Martin. He lived life to the fullest and some of the best times were spent at our kitchen table talking.

Chuck was the best cook ever. Nobody could cook like him and that’s what I’m going to miss the most. I have a lot to live up to in that area, but maybe I’ll lose a few pounds. He was the most organized man I have ever known and regularly washed and waxed his lawn tractor. He loved the outdoors and took pride in how his yard looked, helping his neighbor Carolyn out with hers as well. In the winter he put a plow on that same tractor and helped neighbors who were in need of snow removal.

Chuck was my rock; the one man that never let me down and I will miss him greatly. I don’t know how I can go on from here… I just know that I will. I’ll make everyday worth living and raise my children to face the world with strength.


14 thoughts on “Charles Kalkman I shall celebrate your life

  1. I am so sorry for your loss….those words I know are not that helpful but I do understand great loss. I am sad to hear that you are going through this now. My heart goes out to you, your kids and your family. Life is fragile and it sounds like you made each other deeply happy for a lot of years. I wish I could help take your pain away. Only time helps with that and still never enough.

    I hope you realize how special you are and be kind to yourself, especially now. You deserve tender loving care. I know that you are loved. You are in my heart Madison. May you find the strength to find the good from the bad….I know it exists.



  2. Thanks Brenda. You kind words and those of others on Facebook mean more to me than you’ll ever know. I know time is key and that healing will happen over time. I’m fortunate to have been a part of his life and that he gave me two wonderful children.

  3. What a loving tribute to write for your children’s father, and your dearest friend. Peaceful thoughts will find you and restore you, for you have made the right decision to be here for your children, to share your memories of him with them, and to encourage their own strength in entering adulthood. Blessings to you.

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