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Book launch party for Madison’s first published book by Tirgearr Publishing. Rightfully a redneck extravaganza of shindig proportions. Get your redneck on y’all.

Redneck Romance
From the moment photographer Kelly Gray’s car chugged to a stop in a remote area in the North Carolina Mountains, she knew she might have made the worse mistake of her life. She came to the area to take fall pictures, but now, she was stranded. That was until she met, Jimmy Bob Willows, who volunteered to help her out. She gladly took him up on his offer, and hired him as a guide to lead her into the Joyce Kilmer-Slickrock Wilderness. So what if Jimmy Bob was a redneck. He had the sexiest baby blues she had ever gazed into.

From the time they trekked down the first trail, Kelly was taken away with the beauty that surrounded her — tall trees ladened with leaves in an array of fall colors. So taken with the scenes, she fell headlong into a brush pile. When Jimmy Bob saved her from a copperhead snake, Kelly felt herself drawn toward Jimmy Bob in a way she hadn’t expected. She hadn’t been looking for love, but was it possible to have found it right here in the wilderness of North Carolina?



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