New release ~ Trouble in Tawas

I wanted to let my readers know that the fourth installment of my Agnes  Barton senior sleuths mystery is now available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. This go around Sheriff Peterson is up for re-election. Thanks to all the readers this series will continue. It’s because of you that I continue to find unusual situations for Agnes and Eleanor to find themselves in. I have toned down the content considerably and have removed the adult content warning, but don’t think for a minute that there won’t be snarky remarks amongst the residents of East Tawas.



Agnes Barton has been waiting years for this day. She’s always told Sheriff Peterson he would rue the day when his re-election time came around and now — it’s finally here.  What will Agnes do? Will she cause conflict or support the other candidate?

When the sheriff’s father Hal goes missing, Agnes and Eleanor Mason are on a mission to find him, leading them to the Soaring Eagle Casino. But when they haul him home it’s only to find that his companion, Raul Perez, is dead at the bottom of the stairs. When the cops show up it doesn’t look good for Hal who is in possession of the dead man’s credit cards. With Hal now as a suspect, and Sheriff Peterson off the case, the sheriff hires Agnes and Eleanor to clear his father’s name.

Will Agnes be able to clear Hal’s name in time to save Peterson from failure at the polls or is this case too bizarre as a tenant claims aliens are involved?

Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


2 thoughts on “New release ~ Trouble in Tawas

  1. Hi Madison! I LOVE your senior sleuth cozy mysteries. I’m glad I got a good deal on the first three–that introduced me to you and got me hooked! I’ll pay BIG MONEY now for more! :<) Will you please tell me about Dorothy and Frank Abbott? You mentioned them "in memory" of in one of your books and since you have a married couple in your senior sleuth books with the same names, I'm thinking they were very special to you.

  2. Frank and Dorothy were a married couple who lived at a nursing home. They shared a room together and if the help made too much noise at night, she would come wheeling out on her wheel chair and cuss us all out, lol. She was quite protective of her husband and I always thought about her as the jealous type, which is why she’s portrayed that way. He passed away before she did, but she had a fighting spirit to the end and she raked me many times with her long nails, lol.

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