Bracing for the big 5-O

DSC_0008Tomorrow is my birthday and I turn 5o. Thirty never bothered me a bit, nor did forty. I consider my forties to be the best of times overall. I grew more as a person in those years than ever previously. I was a mess personally, but I pulled myself together and today stand on firm soil. I also endured a huge loss, but I’m ready to move on now with more strength than I thought I had in me.

When I was 44 this whole writing bug bit me in the worst of ways, and after years of struggling, I’m exactly where I always dreamed I’d be. I created a bestselling cozy mystery series featuring senior citizen aged characters. I portrayed them on the naught side, but after three books, I developed the series further and it no longer has adult content starting with book four, Trouble in Tawas. What I realized is I never really needed that. I found that I even enjoyed it more, but I fully affirm that senior citizens are far from over. Many continue to live vibrant lives. Why recently my senior aged neighbor found herself a boyfriend and went to Florida with him for the winter. I’m quite confident that it’s on the clean side. He even told her he had a spare bedroom. Another neighbor has a boyfriend who comes over at one every day and leaves at eight in the evening. Not everyone is still married. There are a ton of widow and widowers out there. Views and needs don’t end at forty, even if they are only possible in their own mind. I embrace the idea of a life full of loving, and more books. 🙂

Tomorrow January 17th I turn 50 and I so welcome it. I will continue to push myself hard to write and publish more books featuring those zany sleuths Agnes and Eleanor. I also have a new series in the works, but while I have a couple of younger characters, I have added a senior aged one to level it off. What I most like about writing about senior citizens is how free they are with their words. They really have freedom to be who they really are and I totally relate to that. I know firsthand that I’m far more vocal when I don’t agree or like something. Just like an senior would, I also give you my unsolicited advice. For the younger crowd, please always be mindful of your elders and show them the respect they are due and treat them kindly with dignity. We’ll all be that age eventually. I’m living proof that the years go by so fast. It feels like only yesterday that I had just turned 21 and I recall someone saying the years fly by after 21 and it’s so true.

Fifty for me is scary mainly because I’m a widow and being single at my age is just so crazy. At this point, I’m happy to be solo as I still have two children under the age of eighteen to raise and writing is my primary focus outside of family time. My life hasn’t slowed down, it’s only picked up.

Embrace life fully and start each day with a smile on your face!

Smiles 🙂



4 thoughts on “Bracing for the big 5-O

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Madison! It’s my father-in-law’s birthday too. (he’s considerably older than you) 😉 I found that 19 and 29 bothered me more than 30 or 40. I didn’t really have time to worry about 50, I was far too busy. Good luck in all that you do! I’ve enjoyed getting to know you.

  2. Happy Birthday, Madison! And look at you! I remember when we first became fb friends…you were lamenting about wanting to be a writer but having nothing published…. And now! Wow! What a difference a few short years make…not to mention your ambition, drive, and talent…lol…. And fifty? Middle age…still a lot of life ahead; besides, as a writer you know it’s a number…not a sentence. (a little grammar humor there….)Continued success! And by the way, don’t be so quick to throw out a little adult content now and then…we older folks are old…not dead! Again, Happy Birthday, and continued success with your writing. Here’s a deal: you keep writing ’em and I’ll keep reading ’em! And one more thing…Good Morning, Madison!

  3. Thanks Mel for sticking around to see how I’d turn out. That little scarecrow statue you sent me overlooks my computer. He’s currently manning the phone. He’s great, but he never has much to say… I wonder why? LOL And as always, good morning.

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