Pretty, Hip & Dead cover reveal

cover-2I’ve decided to tease  you with the cover reveal for Pretty, Hip & Dead. It’s a crossover book featuring Agnes Barton, and Kimberly Steele, from my romance novella Pretty and Pregnant. Eleanor also comes along for the ride. The story opens up at Kimberly’s wedding reception where the annoying Clare Barnett shows up to cause problems between the happy couple. Clare is her husband Jeremy’s ex-girlfriend and also another spokesmodel. So not only does the woman try to make Kimberly feel out of place at her own reception, she has to play nice alongside Clare at a photo shoot the next day.

The photo shoot goes awry when Clare lands in Lake Huron. Although it wasn’t totally Kimberly’s fault, she decides to go to Clare’s beach house to apologize, never expecting she’d find Clare dead. When the cops show up, the story unravels and Deputy Danworth considers Kimberly a prime suspect.

With Kimberly now a suspect in a murder investigation, she insists her husband hire Agnes Barton to solve the case and clear her name. When Agnes shows up in town, she’s amazed that the six month pregnant Kimberly Steele insists on tagging along with them as the begin to unravel the case that leads them to an interesting Hollywood connection.

This book is slated to be edited this week and should be available sometime in February. 



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