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What if a writer went about never knowing the had hit the USA Today Best-Sellers list, like back in October 17th of 2013? I suppose nothing out of the ordinary would occur not knowing I mean. I left my forties behind on January 17th and turned fifty, nothing extraordinary to celebrate, right? But in truth, my book Armed and Outrageous had hit the USA Today Best-sellers list without me ever knowing about it, that is until today when one of my writer friends Leighann Dobbs told me. 

When I told my kids about it they were so not impressed, like it means nothing to them since all their needs are met. What do you expect from a twelve and fourteen year old. It wasn’t long ago that my daughter had told me writing was a hobby. That was before she started benefiting from my sales that is. Laughs. 

My dream has become a reality in a big way. One I’ve worked my tail off to accomplish. I just knew when I developed my Agnes Barton series that I had struck gold. I knew that it was something quite unique and if only my first book Armed and Outrageous would get noticed it might just take off. That happened over a year after it was published. I put my heart and soul into marketing in 2013 and finding just the right sites to pay for book ads. This took work, a lot of work. I’ve doubted myself, but I knew I need to invest in my books if I were to really make it as an author. Now I’m not just a successful author, but a USA Today Best-seller. An independent author who worked endless hours writing and marketing. It wasn’t an overnight thing,  but little by little I was getting my series the notice it deserved. All of my Agnes Barton books are and have been Amazon best-sellers in both the cozy mystery and humor categories since July of 2013. I can’t tell you how much it makes me smile when I see my books side by side next to Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series. Why just last week I beat her out in the humor category. 

I can’t thank my readers enough, you have made this dream become a reality. Thank you so much for giving this independent author a chance by buying my books. In 2013 I gave back to you too when I published three additional Agnes Baron books. As the weekend draws close, I have another book that will be published with another on the way in February. I value each one of you, thanks again and again. I just can’t stop saying that.


Madison Johns


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