Lazy Days of Summer

As the days of summer draw to a close I wondered how everyone handled it? I for one have two children who were home most of the time. That kicked my creativity in he rear end. I wasn’t able to focus or write as much as I would have liked, but compared to the summer before it was much better.

I went up to the Tawas, Michigan area to enjoy a few days, but now we have a puppy that I bought for my daughter. He’s a miniature Australia Shepard and quite the handful. His name if Fargo and he’s now three months old. I had forgotten how much work puppies can be and I’m up earlier that I’d care to be most days. My daughter, who by the way is the one suppose to take care of this puppy because it’s hers, rarely gets up early to take him out.

Puppy 2

Drop a comment and tell me how your summer is going…

2 thoughts on “Lazy Days of Summer

  1. Hi Madison,
    I’ve left poor Henry and Helen waiting in the kitchen for their next adventure, while I’ve been getting my new quilt and fabric shop up and running. The Row by Row national summer long shop hop has brought more than a hundred visitors to my door since July 1st, and is helping to build my visibility. More than five thousand visitors to my blog since July 1st, too! And orders at my webstore are coming in via PayPal. It’s even helping my books sales a bit.

    I’ve pushed back Helen and Henry’s second mystery book, Winter Wonder in the Quilter’s Quarters, to a potential release date of November 30. Wish me luck with that?

    Haven’t had a minute to read this summer, but fall is coming, and things will quiet down, and I’ll enjoy my signed copy of Trouble in Tawas then. Thank you so much! You are, as always, an inspiration to me 🙂

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