New Release: Katlyn, Shadow Creek Shifters (M/F/M Red-Hot Ménage Shifter Romance)

Katlyn: Shadow Creek Shifters (M/F/M Red-Hot Menage Shifter Romance) Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, ibooks, and Kobo.

Disclaimer: M/F/M Ménage Shifter Romance. This book is not intended for anyone under the age of eighteen or anyone who is bothered by explicit content that includes strong sexual content, situations, and language between two mountain lion shifters and a human. Also thrown in the mix: violence, a vampire, and plenty of red-hot ménage sex.

Katlyn had finally given in to her wildest fantasy, and gone to the Wilted Petal club looking for a good time with two hot men. Oh, sure, Brendan and Chase were hot, but before things became too heated, they were interrupted by a code red that had the lovers racing for the exit. She narrowly escaped with her life, and it had been a shock that Brendan and Chase were shifters, but Katlyn had no idea the Shifter Patrol had planned to set fire to the club and murder everyone who dared to escape.

Brendan and Chase saved her that night, but life as she knew it was gone. The patrol was hot on her trail, wreaking havoc as they hunted her down. Not knowing where to turn, she took a job as a teacher in far-away Wyoming to escape the mayhem with her best friend, Tessa, in tow. Little did she know that she’d land right in the lion’s den.

How long would Katlyn be able to fight her attraction to Brendan and Chase and just how safe would she be in Wyoming as the patrol drew near?

This is a complete story with beginning, middle, and end with no cliffhangers!

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