New Release ~ Pretty, Hip & Dead

When I developed Kimberly Steele’s character, I knew her name alone was worthy of more than a romance novella. She first appeared in my romance novella, Pretty and Pregnant, last year, but now, she has turned sleuth when she is accused of murder. Kimberly knew if she was to beat the rap, she had to hire the most experienced investigator she knew, Agnes Barton. Agnes Barton and Eleanor Mason roll into town to help the poor girl out. As it is, Kimberly is six months pregnant and hardly capable of clearing her name, or so they thought until Kimberly insists she tag along as the senior sleuths do what they do best… solve crimes.


My ninth book has been released. Pretty, Hip & Dead is now available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and Kobo. This is book one of the Agnes Barton/Kimberly Steele Cozy Mystery Series.

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If you haven’t yet read Pretty and Pregnant, you might want to pick up a copy, but interestedly enough, Kimberly Steele has made a cameo in, Trouble in Tawas, along with the beer toting Mrs. Barry, and the bird sisters, Mrs. Peacock and Mrs. Canary. In the pet category there is a miniature Dachshund hound, Weenie, and a loud mouthed Macaw, Birdie, that loves to cuss like a sailor.

With lively characters like this, how could I not start a crossover series featuring Agnes Barton and Kimberly Steele? 🙂